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Maca (Lepidium meyenii)

Delivery 15.04.


Exotic King is a brand name that has managed seemingly impossible, to cater to your tables fresh tropical fruits and vegetables produced right in Croatia ! The company founded in 1996. year, with the single purpose of growing exotic fruits and vegetables . Since then continuously evolving . At the very beginning of establishment the main product was Kiwano , and today we are able to produce and deliver a large number of exotic fruits like Maracuja , Pepino , Passiflora , Butternut , Hokkaido , Tamarillo , 12 varieties of sweet potatoes , blue potatoes , Jeju melon , yellow watermelon , chili peppers , physalis , Indian bananas ( Paw - Paw ) , Goji berry, Mayberry. There  are just some of the products that we deliver at home and very demanding European market . Also we concluded cooperation agreements , whereby we commit to purchase the entire crop and guaranteed prices from our subcontractors. Placement of goods is ensured through shopping centers and export . With the conclusion of the contract disclose the entire farming technology . A special advantage of our tropical fruits and vegetables, compared to that which comes from the far away home countries is that it is always fresh, not exposed to long-term transport and numerous manipulations of goods in transit to the destination country. In our case, Croatia is a part of EU,  because of the proximity of the site of production , the possibility to loss  product quality during transport is reduced to a minimum. Our team is very motivated and confident in its success , leading us creative desire and enthusiasm . Our past experience in manufacturing, and technology give us faith for the future development .

Of course we are ready to provide you with complete knowledge and logistics to the market launch of any of your product through our partners or you find a new market . For examples include horseradish and carob that we work with partners

Books about cooking priced at 10 kuna / per unit