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Horned melon / Kiwano
Voće sa najviše vitamina C
The fruit also known as kiwano is a member of the melon and cucumber family. The fruit is native to southern and central Africa. The fruit is oval and has a hard orange skin with little horns. the fruit contains a green jelly with edible seeds. The taste of the kiwano is a combination of banana, melon, passion fruit and lime.
Main nutrients
Iron, Vitamin A and C.
Cut the fruit vertically into two halves. From here, scoop out the jelly-like flesh with a tablespoon. The skin is not eaten.
The jelly-like flesh, which is eaten raw, is mildly sweet. It is commonly eaten on its own, but is also delicious in salads and desserts or as a juice.
When to eat
When the skin is still a bit green the fruit can be ripened at room temperature. When ripe, keep at a cool place, but not in the refrigerator. The fruit can be kept for a few weeks.
Did you know?
  • Although the name might suggest otherwise the Kiwano is not related to the Kiwi.
  • The name "Kiwano" is trademarked by New Zealanders John Kenneth Morris and Sharyn Ernesta Morris.
  • A middle sized kiwano (about 100g) contains approx 25 calories and no fat.