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Mediterranean capers

Earnest, the Latin name Capparis spinosa L. is a tropical or subtropical plant that succeeds on the shores of the Mediterranean. It grows as a wild plant, in the sheltered places on the walls and ruins and the rocks on the islands of central and southern Dalmatia. However, the more they have to let the islands because it is so, especially goats destroy browsing.

This plant loves the place exposed to the sun, protected from strong winds, and grows as a shrub. Stalk wooden bars with many leaves are fleshy and round, a face glowing. It is green. Caper flower is bisexual, fragrant, located on the long grip. Is extremely large and is composed of four soft white or pink-purple petals and four laps. Pink stamens are numerous, there are from 60 to 100 the plant blooms from May to August, due to a very nice flower decoration is a stone wall. But they are rare flower buds that fail to blossom. Flower buds are picked up at the moment are completely closed, and the harvest takes place in late May or in June, and it is every second or third day. What are flower buds smaller, stiffer and more rounds, the better? The fruit is a reddish oval capers beans on a long handle, and the seeds are kidney-shaped and also a reddish color.